Friday, March 2, 2012

Things to do...CHEAP!

With the beginning of a weekend the thought hits most people-what should I do this weekend?  For a parent that thought thunders in, and at times can send you reeling into a minor panic attack!  So I thought I would post a couple of tips for fun cheap things we do!
      Warwick Museum of Art 3259 Post Road, Warwick RI.  I have been taking Brady to the art openings at WMOA since he was only two years old!  Does a two year old know what they’re looking at in terms of art?  Yeah probably not.  But, he would pick out pieces he liked, enjoyed the complimentary spread and of course liked getting dressed up to go out where other adults would tell him how cute he is!  Not to mention they offer art classes for kids that are…drum roll please AFFORDABLE, and they have been known to offer drama and improv classes for kids that are…drum roll again please AFFORDABLE!  Throw in the annual Holiday sale where everything is under $32.59 (cute take on their address right?) and the weekly family friendly performances from Bring Your Own Improv, this place is a GEM in our state!

2.      Old Colony & Newport Railway 19 America’s Cup Way, Newport RI.  What better way to spend the day than riding the rails of Newport!  A 80 minute ten mile tour brings you through Newport, and believe me you learn a lot!  This is Brady’s favorite way to spend a Sunday!  Children under 8 are not allowed in the parlor car, which puts you in coach-but what a deal!  $5 for kids, and $9 for adults.  We bought a membership (they’re $45 I believe now) and get to ride coach whenever we want for a year for free for all three of us!  When you’re done, you’re already in Newport, so you can spend time walking around the town, looking at the boats, or whatever you like to do while in Newport!

3.     I know most people are expecting to see the Providence Children’s Museum here…it isn’t.  Except for the free Fridays I find them kind of pricey for the size.

4.      Barnes and Noble.  It’s not only fun to browse books, but they have a train table and a lego table.  Sometimes they have story hours as well!

5.      Make every day an adventure!  Trader Joe’s, Dollar Store, Walmart, anywhere you do your errands!  I make errands a “treat”.  I play it up like it’s a privilege to go grocery shopping and whatnot and for now he’s buying it!  I’ve even used Trader Joe’s as bribery-he’ll do what I want him to do and I get the shopping done!

Not the longest list in the world, but some things I wanted to share!

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