Friday, April 11, 2014

National Siblings Day???

According to Facebook yesterday was National Siblings Day.  Personally I have never heard of this day before, although apparently it is a holiday in some states.  (That’s according to Wikipedia…and I will NEVER admit to my students that I used Wikipedia for anything!)  This made me wonder what other holidays are out there that we could only discover through the magic of social media.  I could go on and on about this, but had to limit it to 10, I have things to do!

National My Sibling Is a Deadbeat Day
Yeah, we had to suffer through all those posts about how great YOUR sibling is, but what about the rest of us?  What about those of us who were dealt a crappy deal when it came to siblings?  What about those of us who have had to support our siblings financially or act as their parent even when they’re well into their 30’s?  Personally, I think we deserve a day more than you do!

National Argue About Politics Day With People You Never See Anyway
Phew!  That one’s a doozy!  But let’s face it, it’s happened on your own Facebook page, and you’ve seen these discussions on your news feed.

National Neighbors Day
The day you return all the crap you’ve stolen I mean borrowed in the past year.

Mellow Mondays
Just once, please just one Monday can we have a newsfeed free of Garfield “I hate Mondays” cartoons, or statuses that complain about Mondays?  You know it’s coming, deal with it!

Myspace Mondays
Let’s see if we can break Myspace and all log in one day!  It will be like when Stephen Colbert “broke” Wikipedia…which brings me to...

Wikipedia Wednesdays
Let’s overload Wikipedia every Wednesday and make up random things…because we can.

Tripping Tuesdays
Like Throwback Thursday and Flashback Friday except it’s filled with pictures of people just tripping over their own feet.  Sure, we should be nice to our fellow man and help them out, but why do that?

National Bacon Day
Come on, you know you want it!

National Houseplant Appreciation Day
Yeah, I really wish I made this one up…I didn’t.

National Peculiar People Day

This day falls on the same day as the houseplant day.  I guess they would go hand in hand.  Although take a good look at your social media feed…isn’t every day Peculiar People Day?

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