Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Monthly Musings

...why did I start a blog if I never write it?
...why do the holidays take months-wait all year for those of us with Christmas Clubs-to prepare for and about 3.5 seconds to be done with!
...why do people on the internet say really dumb and mean things?
...and why do I care?
...why is The Daily Show NOT on every day?
...are little kids so darn cute so when they're testing you at quarter to ten at night you won't go completely bonkers?
...why is it so easy to eat during times of stress?
...or the holidays and any day that ends in the letter y to be completely honest can someone's absence be so great that it is the utmost thing on your mind and weighs on you like a ton of bricks?
...what did we do before Facebook?  Talk, spend time with our families, clean our houses?  Damn you Zuckerburg!
...why are feet so gross?
...what does it say about society that December 26th is far more crowded at the Malls than any other day in December?
...what does it say about me that I was AT the mall to make that observation? come that everything that tastes so good is so bad for you? come that everything worthwhile is so freaking hard?  Can't the worthwhile thing be easy, just once?
...why is a blog so hard to write?

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