Saturday, February 15, 2014

Things to do to Beat the Snow!

Has another wintry night in New England ruined your plans?  Make a mug of hot cocoa and grab that peanut butter and Fluff sandwich!  Here’s a list of things to do while snowed in!

Catch up on some housework…okay scratch that no one actually does that during a blizzard!

Catch up on House of Cards.  I have no idea what this is.  I think it’s a Netfliix/Showtime/Starz type of program.  And if your Facebook feed looks anything remotely like mine, you have been inundated with your friends binging on this show today.  Apparently this is the number one thing to do this Saturday in New England!

Can’t get to your local watering hole since your street has more snow than Sochi, Russia?  Then develop a drinking game!  (If you’re over 21 that is!)  Every time a meteorologist has to adjust the predicted snow totals, have a shot!

Or if you want a quicker buzz…every time someone on your Facebook feed complains about the snow have a shot!  

Or for fun…every time a friend who lives in a warmer climate posts the temperature with a cute “sorry RI!  We have all the sun!” resist the urge to jump on a plane to slap them...and just have a shot.

How about writing the next great American novel?

Maybe something about a region crippled by weekly snowfalls?  No?

Think of the snow as your wing man.  What better way to avoid people you don’t like!

Oh screw it!  Book the next flight out to Florida and come back in the Spring!


  1. We'd take some from off your back if we could...snow in the mountains=water in the summertime here.

  2. Pretty much everyone would kill me for this, but it doesn't bother me so much on the weekend. It's pretty and I'm home safe with the people I love. Not everyone is that lucky! I just thought it would make a silly blog and get me writing again! :)