Monday, February 24, 2014

Vacation All I Ever Wanted!

I am writing today from sunny Florida!  Goodbye Polar Vortex hello Mickey!  Being the anxiety ridden flyer that I am, I tried to keep my mind off of things by reading and what else-writing!  So my dear blog readers here are some simple vacation observations!

Don McLean’s song American Pie is a classic.  I love it.  Will sing it whenever I hear it.  Hearing the part “this will be the day that I die” before boarding a plane…not so much!  Nothing like that sentence playing over and over in your head while trying to act cool, calm and collected in front of my five year old!

Airplane bathrooms.  They are unsurprisingly built for Hobbits.  However that wasn’t what struck me as weird.  It was the ashtray built into the door.  Why do you need an ashtray on an airplane?  Isn’t smoking prohibited on planes?

I never realize what a New Englander I am until I travel.  In our hotel room the A/C is kept at 68 degrees.  That is tropical-I-can’t-sleep-weather.  I get it; you Floridians are accustomed to sweltering heat.  Typically I don’t like the heat ON when I sleep-even in the middle of our Polar Vortex.  (But they are fixing it today!  Yay for Disney!)

As a parent, the greatest thing about vacations is watching your child get some special attention!  Brady was the "honorary captain" on our flight and I thought I would cry it was so sweet!

There is nothing…NOTHING better than getting into your family bubble and letting your kid lead the way!  We had to scrimp and save to get here…but it was worth it!  Now I have to go see a guy about a mouse, and search the World Showcase for any and all Tardis souvenirs!

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